Wyatt is obsessed with scary movies, cooking competition shows and Halloween decorations.  He is so obsessed with Halloween decorations that he wants to run haunted houses one day! Wyatt also really likes giving presents.  Maybe it is this impulse toward giving gifts that gives him a reason to play music.  Wyatt tried violin, but they had a disagreement of temperaments, so he turned to the tin whistle with whom he is still on speaking terms.  He experimented briefly with the bagpipes, then let that go, too, when one night at a session, a friend put an Irish drum called a bodhran in his lap and showed him the basic stroke. He and the bodhran (pronounced bah-ron) get along very well indeed and have been together for over two years. . .

When Wyatt started busking (street performing) with his brothers and sister at farmer’s markets, the Sibling Rivalry Fiddle Band was born. Wyatt now runs his own rubber band bracelet booth at the Stafford farmer’s market and is starting a new career as a model.

IMG_0037.jpgIn the photo below, he is cooking bacon on a rock.  (And it turned out crispy and everything!)


When not being entirely sweet and thoughtful, Wyatt enjoys reminding us all that he is the teenager in the family. . .Halloween 2016.



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