Clark perceives himself as a true performer, lover of nature, and artist.  Check out his abstract paintings at or on Facebook at !

Clark paints as easily as he hauls wood, practices his performance skills and works with his young donkey, Charlotte. He loves fencing, listening to audio books, and using his body in challenging ways whether it’s competing in a kids’ triathlon, hiking in Ancestral Knowledge class, shoveling and moving a dump truck load of mulch almost by himself, or working on his his kicks and clicks in Irish dance or  jumps in ballet.

Clark started Suzuki violin at age 4 and has been going ever since. He took his first dance class at age 6. He currently studies violin with Heidi Daniels, Irish dance with Patrick McGrath at the Patrick McGrath Academy of Irish Dance and ballet with Regina Bogomolova at Classical Ballet of Fredericksburg. He is a member of the Greater Manassas Children’s Choir.

Clark’s most recent discovery is that he loves on camera acting. He also greatly enjoys museums, competitions of almost any kind, quiet time out doors, observing nature, causing a ruckus among his siblings and anything and everything written by Tamora Pierce.

He wants to be Legolas (the elven archer from Lord of the Rings) when he grows up.

Clark as Legolas, Halloween 2016:2016-10-29-clark-legolas-closeup-DSC_0255.JPG



On set in New Orleans:IMAG2598.jpg




At Kayaking class, just having fun!IMAG0464.jpg

A proud Apple Dutch Baby chef!IMAG0447.jpg

Not kidding about that dance:IMAG0682.jpg


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