Emmet solo.JPG


Ostensibly the band’s lead fiddler, Emmet also plays mandolin. When not playing music, Emmet reads.  He stops reading only to learn new card tricks or other slight of hand magic, bake something sweet, scam library time to sneak onto a computer and vanish into Minecraft, or because his mother has insisted he stop reading and do his chores.  Emmet is in charge of the family’s two goats, Heidi and Clara. In this picture he is trying out some rock star green in his hair.IMAG4343.jpg

Emmet is a huge fan of Queen, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Natalie McMaster & Donell Leahy, Bach, Brahms, comics, anime, movies, Harry Houdini, card tricks, and cooking competition shows. His favorite subjects are history, science and technology. Alton Brown is his hero.

With violin mentor, David Strom:IMAG0430.jpg

Performing at a Fire Fighter’s retirement party with David RichIMAG0741.jpg

Having a little too much fun with his brother in rehearsal!IMAG1218.jpg


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