Because doesn’t everyone do their chores in a kilt?


Roane began violin when she was 4, but has always been much more casual about it than her brothers. She loves to sing, and it is because of her drive to both sing and dance that the family jumped into the world of Irish Dance and also joined a local children’s chorus.

Roane is actively waiting for her hands to be big enough to play guitar and often steals time to mess around on her mom’s lonely and underused 12 string.

Daily life has Roane in charge of the family’s two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, and keeps her bustling with reading practice, math and hiding from violin practice (unless there are cookies. ┬áRoane would probably sell her arm for a cookie.) Roane loves acting on camera and on stage, playing with her friends and going on or hosting sleepovers. She is very enthusiastic about travel, seeing new places and working with new people. Above all else, Roane loves apples. And Barbie. And coloring. And hiking. And bunnies. She would probably trade the dogs for a nice, soft bunny.

Roane’s favorite part of 2016: Six days of shooting in New Orleans for a new children’s tv series pilot.

IMAG2693 2.jpg



At the VA Renaissance Festival 2016:


Enroute to New Orleans with Clark and mom.




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